Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day zero. Testing blog.

Thought I'd better test the blog from my mobile seeing as I haven't tried it using this phone before (yes I finally got an iPhone, though apparently my version is already an antique. One thing is for sure, the camera's rubbish).

A few things before I start the walk:
I will be taking a day off in Machynlleth as Jen and Liz are coming and I want to visit the Centre for Alternative Technology (I haven't been for years. Last time I forgot to close a gate after me and allowed a large pig to go marauding around the site).
The length of Glyndwr's Way depends on which book / website you read. The National Trail guide says 135 miles so I'll go with that. The two day link back to Knighton from Welshpool will be a further 25 miles. Jennie will be joining me at Welshpool to walk this last part with me.
I have absolutely no idea whether I'll get a mobile signal on this walk. Offa's Dyke last year was ok out of the valleys but Glyndwr's Way passes through much more remote territory. Basically if I don't publish a post for a few days then I've either lost the signal or died.

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  1. I hope you are not dead...I will assume you are alive and in a very rural part of Wales and do not have a signal! Good luck Kev. Hope you have found the source of a few good beers. Jen x