Monday, 9 August 2010

A day off in Machynlleth!

This was definitely the worst day by far weatherwise, so I was quite glad not to be walking, though there could quite easily be more of the same to come. We spent most of the day at CAT, the Centre for Alternative Technology. I hadn't been for 13 years and Jennie for 26! It was as interesting and as slightly ramshackle as I remembered it, with plenty to think about when we left.

We went into town afterwards to visit the Owain Glyndwr Centre. I felt that I needed to further strengthen the bond which had naturally formed between Owain and myself during the walk so far. It was shut. Well it was actually closing in ten minutes time, so I explained to the nice lady about the walk and asked if we could please just have a brief look before closing time, to which she replied "No, I've got a doctors appointment". Miserable cow.

I had now gone off Machynlleth big time but managed to muster up the enthusiasm to have my picture taken on an Owain-inspired sculptured chair, with his memorial behind....

...while Jen had her picture taken with another sculpture paying tribute to the great man himself. No idea what that's supposed to be.

We went to a pizzeria attached to a pub for tea, which meant that I could get a decent pint from the bar to go with the food. Meal rating 8/10. Lovely pizzas but two points docked for uneven distribution of olives and capers.

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