Monday, 16 August 2010

Day ten. Forden to Newcastle-on-Clun. 14 miles.

No photos today, or meal rating, as I've decided that both belong on this blog to Glyndwr's Way and are therefore no more.

An odd day in walking terms. 7 totally flat miles followed by 7 totally hilly miles, all on the Offa's Dyke Path. Of course I knew what coming because I did It last year, but the Shropshire hills are still as steep, however many times you climb them.

So the hilly bit went: steep ascent, steep descent, steep ascent, steep descent, steep ascent, smaller upsy-downsy bits for few miles, steep descent. All in a beautiful part of the country. Just 7.5 miles left now to walk now. We were both pretty tired when we arrived at the Crown Inn at Newcastle (definitely the smallest of the Newcastles I've come across), partly because of the terrain, but also because it had been a very warm, sunny day and therefore quite draining.

The pub was about to open and there were three older blokes waiting outside. They were doing part of Offa's Dyke and were an entertaining bunch, constantly digging at each other in a 'Last of the summer wine' sort of way. The oddest one was a retired teacher who had been drafted back into education to focus on critical thinking, which obviously interested me, but we managed to keep the work-related chat to a minimum.

Our room is a beauty, which in relation to the other pubs I've stayed in doesn't take much, but it is probably the nicest of the lot. The food was great too. Meal rating......blimey it's hard to resist.

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